Type: Application, Life style/Education
Platform(s): Android
Release Date: August 2012
Publisher/Client: Syncode/Virtual Programming Ltd
Produced with: Syncode/Virtual Programming Ltd

Birder is an application for iOS and Android that incorporates a Field Guide and Field Report for Birds of Britain and Ireland.

Birder features beautiful original artwork (commissioned specifically for the application), high quality recordings of bird calls/song, concise text descriptions and identifications guidelines, the latest commissioned range maps and a host of other features. Bird species can be listed by common name, latin name, family or habitat. There is also the option to sort alphabetically or by scientific order. View the stunning illustrations and range maps in portrait or landscape; pinching and zooming for additional detail. The application details details 247 species found in the Britain and Ireland.

As well as being a highly useful portable field guide, Birder also provides a means to create and maintain complete field trip data. Create and store your visits, saving location, county and country information, species recorded, accurate GPS location, notes and much more. Locate birds quickly using 'Quick ID', filtering possible species by colour, size, habitat and general shape. You can also narrow down identification possibilities using the 'Similar' species option, that will detail often mistaken species. Sightings and field trip data can be emailed to your own account or that of friends or colleagues and locations can be viewed in Google Maps.

Birder also catalogues your life list so you can see at a glance all your sightings.

Appendix Games developed Android version of this application.

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