Silly Bandz!

Type: Arcade
Release Date: December 2010
Publisher: ZOO Games Inc.
Produced with: Nawia Games
Important note(s): Top American Brand 2010, 89 out of 100 on Family Friendly Gaming

You've suddenly found yourself on the magical island of SillyBandz where your favorite collectible toys have come to life!

SillyBandz Island, an amazingly beautiful yet mysterious place, seems to be overrun by strange little creatures called SillyStarz and it is now up to you to round'em all up and get them put away.

Are you up for the task?

Journey across 30 different levels of SillyBandz Magical Island, collecting 40 unique SillyBandz as you go and that you can choose from as you face each new challenge on your quest to collect all of the SillyStars!

Joined by the cute and lovable "Stella" the Puppy, the officially unofficial SillyBandz mascot, who guides you through your journey exploring beaches, forests and volcanoes as you try to unlock the island's secrets and find your way back home!


  • precisely designed levels, each with unique collectibles
  • 3 game environments: beach, forest and volcano
  • Variety of game objects, with different physics parameters
  • 4 unique exciting challenges: floating hoop, eagle eye, hit the hoops and quick flinger
  • Addictive, unfettered gameplay; for age 1 to 101
  • Complex achievement system, for those who like challenges

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Silly Bandz! Silly Bandz! Silly Bandz! Silly Bandz! Silly Bandz! Silly Bandz! Silly Bandz! Silly Bandz!