Genre: Real-Time Strategy
Release Date: 18 October 2010 (US)
Publisher: ZOO Games Inc.
Co-production with: Nawia Games 
Important note(s): 8/10 on Nintendo Life

Armada puts you in command of a military aircraft carrier. It's up to you to safely land and refuel fighters, bombers and medical helicopters. Avoid deadly collisions, battle turbulent weather conditions and engage the enemy. With your reputation on the line and lives at stake, you'll need quick thinking and smart strategies in order to protect and direct the military aircraft to safety. If you aren't careful, enemies will surround your carrier and sabotage your mission.
Take control and prove yourself a hero!


  • intuitive and user friendly controls; 100% stylus-based
  • beautifully crafted 3D graphics; down to the smallest detail
  • diverse types of crafts: jet-fighters, copters, bombers, scout planes, even submarine
  • infinite gameplay with multiple award system; player's skill dependent
  • 3 difficulty levels; each level has its own aircraft carrier, with different types of aircraft and a set number of landing zones
  • selectable game environment: tropic, craggy and arctic
  • complex statistics system: number of aircraft landed, number of enemy units destroyed, time spent playing & earned medals
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