Fluffy Puppets

Fluffy PuppetsGenre: Arcade
Platform(s): Nokia Series 30/40/60, Sony-Ericsson T610, Motorola T720/722
Release Date: April 2004
Publisher: Element Studio

About: There lives a lot of magic animals in The Magic Bulba Forest. Beaver, Dog, Kangaroo, Fox and Rabbit. Once uppon a day, every animal in the forest came to clearing. "Let's make a tournament!" - the Rabbit said. "OK. Let's find out who will be the fastest, the most agile resident of The Bulba Forest" - agreed other animals. As they decided - they made. The winner in the tournament will be the one who collect most of all magic diamonds. You are the Rabbit. You have to prove that You are the best. You have not finishing amount of levels and one purpose - WIN!!!


  • colorfull arcade game from 5 to 95 years old
  • intelligent enemies
  • original sound track
  • polyphonic tunes and sound effects on Nokia 3650/3660/6600/N-Gage, Sony-Ericsson T610
Fluffy Puppets Fluffy Puppets Fluffy Puppets