Jim The Miner

Jim The MinerGenre: Logical
Platform(s): Nokia Series 30/40/60, Sony-Ericsson T610, Motorola T720/722
Release Date: May 2004
Publisher: Element Studio

About: It's a logical game. You are Jim The Miner. Your job is to collect definite quantity of diamonds in labyrinth. You can move rocks right and left. Carry on! You can wedge between the rocks or something could fall down on Your head! Crashing with other creatures also could be dangerous. Roots growing around You also could makes troubles with walking. You can make wizardry - if you drop a rock on creature's head, the additional diamonds will appear on this place.


  • groovy logical game
  • 20 miscellaneous places/levels to play
  • original sound track
  • polyphonic tunes and sound effects on Nokia 3650/3660/6600/N-Gage, Sony-Ericsson T610
Jim The Miner Jim The Miner Jim The Miner