Mind Explorer

Mind ExplorerGenre: Logic / Arcade
Platform(s): Nokia Series 30/40/60, Sony-Ericsson T610, Motorola T720/722
Release Date: April 2004
Publisher: Element Studio

About: The key to the success is to place balls in the same colour in one barrel. There is a possibility to move the balls between barrels, only if there is a free space in the barrel. Player have a chance to play game in four different modes - easy, medium, hard and ultra.


  • four different modes to play - easy, medium, hard, ultra
  • colourfull hires graphics on all devices
  • polyfonic music and sound fx for Nokia 3650/3660/N-Gage, Sony-Ericsson T610
  • groovy playability
  • long hours of game play, not only at the winter. ;)
  • neverending amount of levels
Mind Explorer Mind Explorer Mind Explorer Mind Explorer